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Welcome to Viperlib.

Viperlib has been busy at the Barbican and BPS taking pictures of our chair. Check the facebook page for photos.

We will at VSS, again as requested, demonstrating our compact Beuchet Chair (see below).

We upload our pictures to our facebook account to make it easy to share, please 'LIKE' the main Viperlib page as it help promote us. Be sure to explore this site as well as there is much cool stuff here.

Viperlib's Facebook page

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2 Chairs for Viperlib

Viperlib have been busy, so busy we had to build another chair ! This has been used all over the UK and will be at VSS 2013

As usual the pictures are on facebook to reach as wie an audience as possible.

ECVP Alghero

Apologies for the slight delay in getting pictures of the Beuchet chair available. they will be posted on our facebook page as soon as possible.

Big Bang!

All the pictures of the magic chair we took at the Big Bang event at Elvington Airfield on Thursday 5th July are now available. To see the pictures go to our facebook page:

Winners !

We won the VSS demo night competition with our chair. We took over 200 photos and had may great comments, be sure to check out the rest of the site while your here,

VSS Demo Night Winners 2011

Demo night at VSS this year was bigger and better than ever. Viperlib with the help of Art Shapiro visited the various exhibits and decided to award two prizes of 100 Euros each.
It was clear that the “People’s Choice” was Martin Lages and Maryam Viziri Pashkam’s fabulous use of a strobe light and an iPhone!
We also liked Rob Ennis and Qasim Zaidi’s simple demonstration of how to measure visual aftereffects.

Well done to both winners. We hope details of their demonstrationsd will be on Viperlib very soon.